The caLLowCreation Story

Hi, welcome to caLLowCreation.
  We are a family owned and operated indie development team, it is all done in-house. There are six of us ranging in ages from middle-aged dad, the oldest, to elementary school age son, the youngest.  Participation in the family business is mandatory, an unnecessary rule as we all enjoy what we do. Our team consists of the entire spectrum of personalities required to embark on this journey.  Dad writes all the code and is our general tech guy. Mom gets our products to our customers via the internet.  Daughter’s love of art proves to be a critical gift and hobby to have been born with, defining her role.  The others in the family do the majority of the required testing and ensures our products get to a stable beta test.
Yes, lucky us and coincidentally lucky you, if you are a part of it all. Our customer services is second to none, to quote one of our customers, “Really good asset and better support!”, Chris Muriel.
We have developed Unity assets, scripts, 3D models, Android games, apps and Desktop applications.  Also developed websites with database back-end from scratch and using popular tools like WordPress.
Meet The Team

Jones Cropper
I pride myself on being an outstanding employee, who believes in achieving a goal as efficiently as possible. I enjoy solving problems as my hobbies, designing and building electronic circuits, computer programming may imply also I am a self-published poet; creating things is so much fun. I want to learn as much as I can while I’m alive and teach it and this attitude translates into my job performance.
Rosie Cropper
Hi, I’m Rosie, Internet Marketing Specialist for caLLowCreation. I am mother to 4 wonderful kids and wife to my knight in shining armor Jones Cropper AKA caLLowCreation. I LOVE him! He takes my breath away! Okay, exhale and back to work :)! I'm into crocheting, green smoothies, natural beauty, write product reviews as well as homeschool 3 of our kids. Wow, what a mouthful!!
Nedra Cropper
Photoshop, Blender 3d, and Gimp. Those are all my go to programs for work. I have been working as a graphics designer for about 4 years now. Working with my parents in their Indie Game Development Company, caLLowCreation. Anyways, I love my work. I do anything from Logo's to Social media buttons, book covers for amazon, and 3d renderings to make beautiful images. If you have any questions about what else I may do, feel free to ask. I do a lot of stuff.
What We Do
  Devise, design and develop websites, desktop applications, mobile apps and games and most recently assets for game engines.
We offer a wide range of software products for today’s fast paced, multi-platform, multi-interest user. We also produce Apps and games for tablet, desktop and mobile, create game engine scripts and assets for Unity. We supply tutorials, incite and step by step instructions for all of our products and interests.
Our take on the industry and us, the consumer, can be described in the following way.
Website development is interesting in many ways, what stands out for me the most is environment security, which is why we are able to use the internet without worry.  We use the most up to date and trusted technologies when developing website infrastructure.  We utilize the entire suite of Google security options to help ensure a standard of safety that the net user has come to expect.
Desktop applications come in many flavors, but they are all personal. Developed for one person to get the job done maybe listen to music while you create.  That describes how and why we develop desktop applications. Personalized applications to expedite your work and accelerate your play. You can count on the the security provided by Microsoft being embedded into all our desktop applications.
Mobile devices, a generation on the go, and the elder/wiser can now keep up.  Shopping, games and tools for our productive lives.  Our mobile products are cloud connected to stay connected to you.  Like most technology platforms mobile provides unique challenges, data usage and battery life being among the most important, after security.  We adhere strictly to platform specific guidelines to minimize data and battery usage.  Technologies like Google Cloud Messaging (GCM)  helps minimize the devices radio activation by allowing us to send relevant data when needed so an open connection to your device does not have to be maintained by our servers.
Game engines are everywhere. Now all these amazing things we use, in our daily lives, must be developed by skilled personnel experts in their fields with the experience to supply quality comprehensive products.  Game engines allow development teams to iterate and excel.  Innovation is built into all our assets with unique features like real-time editing, 2D and 3D mixed compatibility, most notably, plug and play functionality, we do the code work so you can create.

Thank you for taking time to read this.

Learn, Love, Teach

caLLowCreation Team

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