Camera Waypoints Manager

The ONLY camera waypoint management tool you will ever need. Move a camera along set waypoints at predetermined rotations.

The waypoint route you choose can be changed, edited and tested in the scene view without having to play/run the game. Open an exclusive editor window, use a camera and see how the camera sees each waypoints position and rotation in real-time. Drag scene handles and see how things change with scene view indicators for the route path. Using a camera and the editor window makes every aspect of waypoint editing visual.


With one click, save the camera waypoints as an asset with waypoint prefabs to reduce the complexity of the hierarchy.


Demo does not work in chrome. Use Firefox or another browser.


waypoint direction display    main camera display    compact hierarchy display


Awesome Asset and Support!
I purchased this asset because I wanted to have a camera follow a path and follow my character so I downloaded this and in less that 5 minutes it was working how I wanted to!! I also contacted the developer to see if I could get another feature for the asset and he responded in no time and was really helpful adding the feature in less than a day.
I would recomend this asset to anyone that wants to make a camera system that follows the player on a path. Really good asset and better support!


  • easy peasy drag n’ drop
  • all scripts, not just MonoBehaviours, are heavily commented.
  • object tracking and following
  • set waypoints at predetermined rotations
  • edit and test without having to play/run game
  • exclusive editor window
  • see each waypoints position and rotation in real-time
  • multiple camera managers per scene
  • object tracking and following, camera will find the best/closest waypoint to view the object it is set to follow
    save waypoints as an asset, reducing hierarchy clutter
* Waypoint: Traverse waypoints in a regular fashion.
* Track: Traverse waypoints as waypoint mode and look at a game object.
* Follow: Traverse waypoints according to the position of the look at game object.


Get Camera Waypoints Manager Now For The Low Price Of Only $10 For A Limited Time.  We will be adding updates soon.  Our projected price is $35 or more. Buying now ensures all future updates are FREE.
Updates Coming Includes:
waypoint events – complete
bezier curve transformations – 80%
Both can be tested in the editor in real time.