Knuckle Down A Game Of Marbles


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   Play marbles like you remember as a child. Well uh with one restriction, time. You have 2 minutes from knuckling down to get as many marbles out of the ring as you can. Touch your marble and pull back to shoot. The force applied is up to you. Collecting all the marbles is not as easy as hitting them out of the ring, requiring accumulated skill, Raw Materials, Power-Ups and a wee bit of luck.
    Earn Power-Up Modifiers to aid in your campaign. All Modifiers are earned over time. Power-Ups allow for a variety of Modifiers like the Sticker and Thumper to name a couple. When the Sticker is used your marble will stay in relatively the same position where it hits another marble. The Thumper is earned whenever your marble leaves the ground, providing no other Modifier is active.     You acquire more raw materials the faster you complete a round, time is of the essence. Marbles are made of different raw materials, sand for glass marbles, iron for steel marbles. There are 4 other Materials which includes Agate. The materials you acquire can be used to manufacture other marbles from the factory, which vary in the amount of Material needed to create each one.
Here’s a development video preview 12/12/2014
Knuckle Down A Game Of Marbles Achievement Test
Here’s an early development shot
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