Password Protector

Developers Hide Your Password When Doing Video Tutorials


Developers, ever felt uncomfortable having your password visible while doing video tutorials? Now, during the video or live stream you can just paste in a new password which will never be revealed, so you can keep working and have peace of mind.

  • Supports undo/redo.   When obscured, you will not see the change but it still takes place.
  • Obfuscate or obscure the text in the input field in the inspector
  • Argument for checkbox to make text readable (default to not visible and resets on selection)
  • When obfuscated the inspector value can not be copied or cut tough pasting is still possible
  • Add Property Attribute to the string field in any class/script that need to be hidden
  • Extensible API to create your own password protected field types.
  • Built-in documentation with C# XML summaries for all available classes and methods.
  • Online and local documentation and chm help files and examples.
No more taking that extra step while editing to hide your token. You will wonder how you ever lived without Password Protector!