Persistent Save Data

With Persistent Save Data any Unity developer can save and load data cross-platform in many ways.

Now send/retrieve your saved data to/from a REST endpoint


  • The main purpose of this asset is to provide an easy way to accomplish this task without the need to write a single line of code.
  • Just add a Persistent component and you choose the data to save/load in the inspector.
  • Out of the box the basic data formats are available: JSON, Binary (Serialization), XML, CSV and PlayerPrefs.


A Must Have!
For me it is a must have if you want save system
Super Easy to use and great support
work great and on android also
recommend it


  • NO setup required.
  • Completly component based.
  • Save/Load multiple formats (ie XML and JSON) at once without code.
  • Save/Load primitives, vectors, colors and more without code.
  • Update other object from save/load data without code.
  • Compatible with 2D and 3D projects
  • Example code provided
  • **Any public field or property can be saved/loaded from any component without coding
  • Custom Unity property inspector
  • Extensible API to create your own formats and data types.
** A custom formatter and Parser may need to be written. Contact us for help if needed!