The Newsletter’s Coming

After much delay, we expect to have the first newsletter and drawing for the Unity Asset on the first week of December.  If you are one of those who’s signed up for the newsletter this is what you should expect.  There are two sections in the newsletter, the first is what we have been up to the second section is a tip or trick or a tutorial with an accompanying video.  The t3 for the month of December will be about inconsistent line endings for Windows C# scripts.

So if you haven’t already, sign up now for a chance to win one of our Unity Asset of your choice and to receive our monthly newsletter.  The t3 video if there needs to be one will be, for 2 weeks, accessible first to newsletter subscribers and their referrals, so sign up today.

My take of how delegates relate to Func and Action. This explanation is with an existing project and working uses of the Func delegate. Confused about how delegates work? Need another take on the composition and application on lambda expressions? I’ll explain how I view Delegates and Lambda Expressions.
Gata a programming bug? Stop by the stream, we’ll squash it! 🙂
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