Value Constraints

At first glance, Value Constraints provides the basic functionality of the animation system in Unity. This is not the case, as Value Constraints are simple components that punch above their weight. Also, any public field or property can be modified from any component. Read More…


  • 2D and 3D easy waypoint setup
  • Simple Object Pool included.
  • Move and Rotate any GameObject without code.
  • Lerp materials, colors and more without code.
  • Compatible with 2D and 3D Rigidbodies
  • 2D and 3D example components provided
  • Visual Editing example provided
  • Any public int/float field or property can be modified from any component without coding
  • Custom Unity inspector fields
  • Add custom inline min/max sliders in Inspector
  • Animated curve for fine control of custom smoothing like ease-in and ease-out
  • Extensible API to create your own Value Constraint types.
  • Built-in documentation with C# XML summaries for all available classes and methods.
  • Online and local documentation and chm help files and examples.