Native Screen Share

Java (Native Android Plugin), Unity, C# & Visual Studio

Unity offers a screen capture option that requires programming skills and is limited in scope and functionality. Now with Native Screen Share you can access all the devices share capabilities.

The native share components allows users to share a screenshot using any of the apps that exists on their devices. As a developer all you need to do is provide a new look for the UI and you are set.

Now works with Android version 4.1 API 16 to version 9.0 API 28 NOTE: Requires Google Play Games Plugin for Unity


  • NO programming/coding required.
  • Completly component based.
  • Ready to use prefabs
  • Compatible with 2D and 3D projects
  • Example code provided
  • Custom Unity Editor Inspectors
  • Extensible API.
  • Built-in documentation with C# XML summaries for all available classes and methods.

Contact us for help if needed or if any additional functionality is required.