Twitch API Integration

Unity, C# & Visual Studio, Twitch API

Includes Twitch API Integration and IRC chatbot control.

The Twitch streamer community employs a multitude of entertainment methods for their fans. The ways that each streamer chooses may differ but the one thing they need is a connection to the broadcast chat room. It just so happens that this IRC client would be perfect for the broadcast hosts. Integrated with Password Protector your OAuth password will never be displayed while you stream with a secure custom editor.

New Features:

  • Twitch and Third-Party Emotes including animated BTTV emotes
  • Integrated with New Twitch API
  • Integrated with Twitch PubSubI


  • One Prefab Basic Setup and Playable Scene
  • Chat Spawner and Chat Move components Included
  • Integrated with Twitch-IRC Twitch-API
  • Channel, Viewer and Following Information
  • Separate IRC thread with Coroutine hook
  • Use personal greetings to welcome viewers
  • Use your own chatbot with custom commands
  • Flexible API for use with any IRC client
  • Create Polls that chat can participate in
  • Online and built-in docs with C# XML summaries.